Lions Club Hentiesbaai

District 410 A (101830) WO 371

Lions Club Hentiesbaai (Henties Bay, Namibia)

The Lions Club Hentiesbaai (Henties Bay) is a non-profit organisation, and thus dependent on the kindness and generosity of community members, businesses and institutions.

The Lions Club Hentiesbaai (Henties Bay) is registered as a welfare organisation. (WO 371). Our region consists of Namibia, Northern Cape, Cape Town, Cape Peninsula and Boland. The Lions Club in Henties Bay is the largest club in Southern Africa.

During 2012 – 2013 the Lions Club Hentiesbaai (Henties Bay) received two international awards for the community service we render in Henties Bay.

The Lions Club Hentiesbaai was also elected as the top club of this region during 2012 – 2013.

During 2014 – 2015 our Lions Club received many awards:

  • Top Six Club of the Year
  • Top Six President of the Year
  • Most deserving project of the year
  • Top Secretary of the Year
  • Awards for Diabetes and Hearing
  • The award for best retention of members

Due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure in Henties Bay (Hentiesbaai), our Lions Club has lodged a number of projects to assist the community of Henties Bay. 

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Lions Club Henties Bay - Hentiesbaai
Events & Projects 2016

Next event: 18/03 Meeting and Visit by District Governor

19/03 Training Meeting

26-27 August Angling Festival

22-24 December Christmas Market

Feeding program for the Happyland Day Care Centre - monthly

Nurses on Wheels - monthly

Care Meals - twice weekly

Pancake Sales

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